Sunday, September 06, 2015

Things on 'the net' sometimes DO die.

We {superman & I] went on a quest ot find videos that he & others did on the old Bopsta / gidol / google idol, AND WE FOUND NOT A FUCKING THING!

So dauntless I will go back to my hole in the ground & commence feeding through a bag of tapes to seek out the wonderful, but sometimes really bad, products of his twisted mind.

Live long & prosper. And don't piss off the guy with x-ray vision

Blessed Be all!

Sunday, February 08, 2015

One Year Later . . . .

YES, I know I said I would be back & doing more stuff a year ago. I seriously thought I would, but I got distracted with trying to stay alive.
I wish I had something more profound to say right now. I really cannot think of anything.

OH, WELL..........

Such is the life of a single, 50 year old man, with no social life to speak of.

Hopefully it will not be a year or so before I get back to this.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


After the panic of thinking I had lost everything, I got it to work again.

But first a little update:

About a month ago, I had a stroke. Some think it was minor because I appear to be functioning "normally". And many claim that it was overblown to get attention.

But they were not the ones that woke up that morning with their entire right side from cheekbone to toes without any feeling what so ever. They did not immediately have themselves confined to a hospital bed for four days, I referred to it as being taken hostage. Even though I had all motor functions at the time, I could not even step one foot outside the hospital doors to get my car out of the emergency room parking lot when they force admitted me to the hospital.

So my mother, {who was still recovering from back surgery the week prior}, had someone hide my car in one of the parking ramps for me to play hide & seek with when I finally broke out. And brought my laptop & other things of interest to me while in captivity between pokes, prods, injections, inspections, and various other forms of witchcraft in the name of science. It was during that time I decided to try to document the experience of having a stroke since I could not find a blow by blow first hand account by anyone that would help others prepare to deal with such a trauma.

I have FaceBook, & I inundate my *friends* with various updates from my timeline, whether they like it or not, the stuff I post shows up without rhyme or reason to their newsfeed. I did not want to overdo the medium with crap they might not really give a shit about. So, I tried to log into here, my blog, the one space I can prattle on & people choose to read it or not, but THEY choose, not some half assed algorithm. This is when my plans took a hit right into a brick wall.

I went to logon, and saw my page for about half a second, then a page from some squatter trying to ransom a URL for some misspelled variation of twitter. At the time I thought that blogger\google had closed my page again & the address was no more, but after going to one of my other blog experiments & seeing they were fully alive & well, I had to do some investigation then.

Which brought me to tonight. I was bored, and had just gotten a followup with the neuro-doc, and thought to try to unravel the mystery again. Somehow a redirect got injected into the HTML of my template. I don't know how, I don't know where, but it was hidden enough that I could not find it when I went line by line. So I decided what the hell, I will just nuke the template, replace it, and if anything was lost, that is what the internet archive is for.

And it worked!

So now, after all that, I totally forgot what the hell I was going to write about tonight, and the rise of the planet of the apes is in the background on tv. Never saw it before, but John Lithgow is in it, so I gave it a chance. Nice visuals, great CGI, but it cannot compare in any way to the 'real' planet of the apes movies.

So what will follow will be me farting around & re-associating myself with the tools here for a while, but I will try to post back here more as it is more of a free space to vent off the more non politically correct things that I feel need to be released, and more on what it is like & what has changed by having a stroke. To an outsider it is almost imperceivable, but to me, it is my life from now on.

And again, Blessed Be,
Dr. Strangelove

Friday, April 27, 2012

The new blogger is the new coke, And I really fucking hated new coke.

I just went through 45 minutes of my life trying to get into my account do I could post something.  Oh, and after all the bullshit I went through to get here I have totally forgot what it was I was going to say!


Why change something that was not broken?  Why make people click through SEVEN FUCKING SCREENS when it used to only take two?  This is NOT streamlining, it is a very lame attempt to try to cross sell people on other services.  Much like the put candy bars & gum next to the checkout at the store.


Blessed Be, and fuck all that work the blogspot botched facelift
Dr. Strangelove

Monday, February 07, 2011

It's life, nobody will get out alive

I am sitting here. The news just declared tonight to be "the coldest night of the year". AGAIN!

This is like the ninth time they have made this call. I don't know about you guys, but I'm having flashbacks to the story of crying wolf. We all here it & react. But after so many times if will not rate a reaction from anyone.

And I think this is a big factor in why lately so many people have gotten themselves into such deep shit when they go out. Just like wild animals that have been exposed to humanity, there is no longer any fear of what may kill them. Or, maybe it is too much fear.

I have seen way too many people complain about things that they have lived with all of their lives lately. Ranging from second hand smoke to germs on door handles, to possibly being taken in the middle of the night by a group of Alaskan ninja elk.

Some things are legitimate threats. Things like deforestation, random violence, loss of jobs, housing, family, and real life things that actually be preventable if people did more than sit on the couch & yell at the TV.

But concerning ones self with piddly stuff that we have no control over is dumb.

One of the prime tenets of every religious following or theology is to accept others for what they do. 'An ye harm none', 'do unto others', 'forgive them for they know not what they do', all of these phrases are not just words, they are a way of living with each other. If someone looks like they belong to some underground faction that promotes killing for killing. They might actually be a part of that group. But most likely they are just as normal as you, and the only difference is the way they dress, the way they talk, or how they deal with everyday life.

Just deal with it, and don't be an ass about things you have no control of. You cannot control others like you can a pet, or some programmed toy with a remote. It just doesn't happen that way, and never will. That is what makes live in the world so fun.

Blessed Be, and leave your troubles at the door
Dr. Strangelove

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So, snow, go, blow,

As the snow hits yet again, I decided to start writing. My mom suckered me into watching Tuesdays with Morrie, yup that is a sure pick me up for a depressing day. Oh well, there is not much I can do about the snow falling.

Or is there. . . . . . . .

As of late my social calender mostly consists of infrequent gatherings with a few friends, and people that I barely know. Mostly I have been either working, or staying in a self imposed isolation in my basement. I don't get out much anymore.

So, just like my writing, I am trying to get back into the pace of things in the outside world. And in this process I am gathering my notes & stuff & realizing how pathetic some of the things & the people around these days. Take for instance a guy I met a while back.

Monkey boy is this idiot that, at the ripe age of 19 has fried his brain to the point of no return. When I met him he was sketching out a new tattoo using gang symbols from both the bloods & the crips. When asked "why the hell are you doing that?", his reply was that by having both of the designs prominently displayed on his arms he would then be safe in the presence of either group. It had not occurred to him, and he just could not comprehend when we told him, that by having both tags he would never be safe anywhere around either gang, nor any other gang, and most likely would become someones bitch if he was remotely allowed to live.

And he has been allowed to breed. His girlfriend is a sweet & frighteningly ignorantly stupid girl. In other words his perfect match. I met her once and could hear the whoosh of the black-hole vacuum which was her head. She was due to unleash her spawn while monkey boy was in jail for possession with intent to be stoned. {He got busted & was so fucked up he didn't truly realize he was in jail for 2 days}. Well when it came time for the hatch-ling to spew out, the court called with a 24 hour furlough. When the guards notified him of this he argued with them that he did not have a furlough & the girl was not supposed to pop for another week. They told him again that they have a court signed 24 hour release for him to leave & be out. HE STILL ARGUED WITH THEM ! Then after other convicts all but physically slapped him silly trying to explain, 'YOU HAVE A 24 HOUR PASS TO GET OUT OF JAIL TO SEE YOUR WOMAN WHO IS HAVING THE BABY RIGHT NOW!'. He finally got what was going on. This was not a shock reaction to having a kid, this was plain old fashioned burned out brain playing at 1/8th speed.

So after going out, seeing 'his woman', his mutant offspring, and getting stoned to the be-jesus, monkey boy returned & just barely passed the breathalyzer at the front desk. He was still tweaking from the party pack of drugs he & his buddies consumed while visiting the hospital. Mind you the new mother also had a few tastes of the buffet of buzz since she had to be clean for nine months, so fun was had by all. Luckily for him, the great brain trust of "corrections" officers did not notice him bouncing off the walls until the next morning to piss test him, which by that time he had come down & it was out of his system.

That ends story time for today kids. Come back later for more tails of stupid people in jail, and the inmates they are supposed to be watching....

Blessed Be, and grab some warm socks.
Dr. Strangelove